Friday, March 03, 2006

ProScript posted

I've posted another ProScript to the Techpathways forum...this one consolidates the other two that I previously posted. It dumps user information by parsing the F and V structures from the user's Registry key in the SAM hive, and gets group information by parsing the C structure from the group's key in the SAM hive. Note: The version of the ProScript that I posted to the forum doesn't try to translate any of the FILETIME objects found in the F structure.

Here's an excerpt from output from the script (one of the ones that does attempt to translate FILETIME objects), with user information displayed. I have an image that I downloaded from the Internet (one of those online challenges) open:

Username : Mr. Evil
Acct Creation Date : Thu Aug 19 23:03:54 2004
RID : 1003
Logins : 15
Flags :
Password does not expire
Normal user account

I have to go back and take a look at that script again...I wonder why my translation subroutine thinks that if Mr. Evil logged in 15 times, that he doesn't have a last login date. Hhhmmm...that's easy enough to check, though...I'll just have ProDiscover dump the appropriate key value to a file, and I'll open that in a hex editor. Either way, it's really cool stuff, being able to pull this sort of thing from the Registry. Now, correlate that with (a) the contents of the ProfileList Registry key, and (b) the "Documents and Settings" directory contents, and you've got a pretty comprehensive look at who's been logging into the system.

Here's an excerpt of that the group information looks like:

Group : Administrators
Comment : Administrators have complete and unrestricted access to the computer/domain
--> Administrator
--> Mr. Evil

I had a good deal of help from two sources in particular, Andreas Schuster and Peter Nordahl. Andreas provided information about the C structure, and Peter's NT bootdisk source code laid out what the F and V structures "look like". Very helpful...thanks to you both.


Anonymous said...

Cool! But, can the script be made to run outside of PD? And, would you be willing to make that public for others to use?

H. Carvey said...

No, not the way it's written now. The first functional line of the script is "use ProScript;".

To make it usable outside of ProDiscover, I'll need to finish the module I've put together called "File::ReadReg". Once that's done, you'll be able to do what you ask, and yes, it will be available to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Again, thank you very much for your work.