Saturday, April 05, 2008

More about the Registry...

While my recent posts have been about Registry analysis, I didn't want to ignore the work that has been done with regards to extracting Registry information (key, values, etc.) from other sources, such as RAM and process dumps, unallocated space, the pagefile, etc.

Moyix over at the Push The Red Button blog has posted some really good information lately on Registry cell index translation, even going back to his enumerating Registry hives post from Feb. He's got a great deal of excellent information in these posts that can be used to merge Registry and physical memory analysis.

Segue: While we're on the subject of memory analysis, check out this "Practical of "15 Minute Virus Analysis"" post from the ForensicZone...seems someone found a good use for lspm.exe. ;-)

Registry Slack
Also, there's a question of Registry slack...cells within a hive file that contain key or value data, but are not recognized by the MS API. This is different from unused keys and values that still exist after an application has been removed from the system...largely due to the fact that these keys and values may still be viewable via RegEdit or any other tool. What I'm referring to is this...Registry key cells contain pointers to other key cells, as well as basically, everything you see in most Registry viewers is a result of following links from root key, in much the same way as every file within an active file system will have a path back to the root directory. However, the question of Registry slack...cells within the hive file that may be valid key or value cells but are not linked into the visible Registry structure...still remains unanswered. Hopefully, though, not for long...there's a thesis student in Europe who has taken on the exercise of exploring this area.