Thursday, July 29, 2010


I haven't posted in a while, as I was on a mission trip with a team of wonderful folks involved in Compassion International. There wasn't a lot of connectivity where I was, and to be honest, it was good to get away from computers for a while.

However, in the meantime, things haven't stopped or slowed down in my absence. Matt has added support to F-Response for the Android platform. Also, within 24 hours of the release, a customer had posted a video showing F-Response for Android running on an HTC Desire. I have an Android phone...Backflip...but I have read about how the Android OS is rolling out on more than just phones. Andrew Hoog (viaForensics) has a site on Android Forensics.

The folks at the MMPC site posted about a key logger (Win32/Rebhip.A) recently. There's some information about artifacts that is very useful to forensic analysts and incident responders in the write-up for Rebhip.A. There are some very interesting/useful indicators at the site.

Det. Cindy Murphy has a really nice paper out on cell phone analysis...not Windows-specific, I know, but very much worth a mention. You can find info linked on Eric's blog, as well as a link to the paper on Jesse's blog. I've read through the paper, and though I don't do many/any cell phone exams, the paper is a very good read. If you have a moment, or will have some down time (traveling) soon, I'd highly recommend printing it out and reading it, as well as providing feedback and comments.

Claus has a couple of great posts, like this one on network forensics. As Claus mentions in his post (with respect to wirewatcher), network capture analysis is perhaps most powerful when used in conjunction with system analysis.

In addition, Claus also has a post about a mouse jiggler...comedic/lewd comments aside, I've been asked about something like this by LE in the past, so I thought I'd post a link to this one.

Finally (for Claus's site, not this post...), be sure to check out Claus's Security and Forensics Linkfest: Weekend Edition post, as he has a number of great gems linked in there. For example, there's a link to PlainSight, a recent update to Peter Nordahl-Hagen's tools, WinTaylor from Caine (great for CSI fans), as well as a tool from to recover TightVNC passwords. There's more and I can't do it justice...go check it out.

Ken Pryor had a great post over on the SANS Forensic blog entitled I'm here! Now what? The post outlines places you can go for test images and data, to develop your skills. One site that I really like (and have used) is Lance's practicals (go to the blog, and search for "practical"), especially the first one. The first practical has some great examples of time manipulation and has provided a number of excellent examples for timeline analysis.


Crosser said...

Harlan, just curious, but where did Compassion send you?

H. Carvey said...

I chose to go to Africa.

Ken Pryor said...

Thanks for the mention, Harlan! I completely forgot about Lance's practicals when I wrote the article but you're right, he provides excellent practicals on his site.