Thursday, October 23, 2014

WRF 2/e Contest

I recently posted that Syngress has agreed to publish a second edition of Windows Registry Forensics, and in that post, I mentioned that I wanted to provide those in the community with an opportunity to have input into the content of the book prior to it being published.  I know that it's only been a couple of days since the post was published, but historically, requests like these haven't really panned out.  As such, I wanted to take something of a different the recommendation of a friend, and stealing a page from the Volatility folks, I'm starting a contest for submissions of "case studies" to appear in the second edition.

So what I'm looking for is submissions of detailed case studies (or "write-ups", "war stories", etc...I don't want to get tangled up on the terminology) of your triumphs via and innovations in Registry analysis.

Please read through this entire blog post before sending in a submission.
What I don't want is case information, user and system names, etc.  Please provide enough detail in your write-up to give context, but not so much that case information is exposed and privacy is violated.

For the moment, I plan to accept submissions until midnight, 31 Dec 2014.  I may extend that in the really depends on how the schedule for the book writing works out, how far I get, how many submissions come in, etc.  The really good submissions will be included in the book, and the author of the submission will received a signed copy of the book.  And yes, when I say "signed", I mean by me.  That also means that your submission needs to include a name and email address, so that I can reach back to you, if your submission is accepted, and get your mailing address.

I'm looking for the top 10 or so submissions; however, if there are more really good ones than just ten, I'll consider adding them, as well.

Consideration will be given to...
Those submissions that require the least effort to incorporate into the book, with respect to spelling and grammar.  I'm all about cut-and-paste, but I don't want to have the copy editor come back with more modifications and edits than there is original text.  I can take care of incorporating the submission into the book in the correct format, but I don't want to have to spend a great deal of time correcting spelling and grammar.

Those submissions that are more complete and thorough, illustrating the overall process.  For example, "...I looked at this value..." or "...I ran RegRipper..." isn't nearly as useful as correlating multiple Registry keys and values, even with other data sources (i.e., Windows Event Logs, etc.).

Those submissions that include more than just, "...I used RegRipper..." or "...I used auto_rip...".  Submissions should talk about how tools (any tools, not just the ones mentioned...) were used.

Those submissions that include process, data, results, RR plugins used, created, or modified, etc.

Note that if you include the newly created or modified plugin along with your submission, the plugin will be added to the RR distribution.

Send submissions so to me as text.  Use "WRF 2/e contest submission" as the subject line.   If you have images (screen captures, etc.) that you'd like to share, reference the image in the text ("insert figure 1 here"), and provide the image in TIFF format.

If you have multiple files (the write-up, a plugin, images, etc.), just zip them up.

Please include your name along with the information.  If you do not want your name included in the content when it's added to the book, please specify as such...however, anonymous submissions will not be considered, as I may want to reach back to you and ask a clarifying question (or two).  So, please also be willing to answer questions!  ;-)

Please let me know if it would be okay to post the submission to this blog, and if so, should your name be included (or not).

If you have any questions about this contest, please feel free to ask.

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