Thursday, February 20, 2020

RegRipper Update

Based on a Twitter thread from 19 Feb 2020, during which Phill Moore made the request, I updated RegRipper to check for "dirty" hives, and provided a warning that RegRipper does NOT automatically process Registry transaction logs.  This can be an important component of your investigation, and so per Phill's request, I updated RegRipper (both the UI and to provide the warning, as well as check to see if the hive is 'dirty'.

If you decide that you need to process the transaction logs, there are a couple of options available.  One is using yarp (from Maxim Suhanov) along with (per this blog post).  Written in Python, this provides a cross-platform approach, if you need that flexibility.  Another method is to use Eric Zimmerman's rla.exe (part of Registry Explorer/RECmd) tool, which is Windows-based.

So, to re-iterate, RegRipper 2.8 does NOT automatically process transaction logs.  I haven't developed the code to do so, and there are a number of variables to doing so. For example, the current RegRipper repo contains plugins either intended just for XP systems (i.e.,, and also contains plugins that can process data from hives from XP through Win10 (i.e.,,  Transaction logs from older systems (XP, etc.) follow a different format that more modern (Win8.1+) systems, and as such, would require additional code to address those files.

Also, don't forget about the update made to RegRipper on 4 Jan 2020, fixing the issue that began as of 1 Jan 2020 where Registry key LastWrite times were incorrectly reported as "0".  The updated code was added to one of the core module files (i.e.,, which is available in the RegRipper Github repo. 

These updates have been "compiled" into the Windows executables for the RegRipper tools (rr.exe, rip.exe), but if you're looking to install RegRipper on Linux, be sure to read the RegRipper readme file and update the Perl modules files according.

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