Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Book FAQ

In putting together my next book, one of the things I've put a lot of thought into is providing examples, as well as exercises. For example, I haven't found it very effective to say "run tool X against file Y"...instead, I'll provide a detailed walk-through (sort of like a mini case study) on how to do something, and then provide sample files that the reader can then run the tools/process against.

One thing that's been pretty consistent since my first book came out is folks wanting to know how to do specific tasks; how do I find movie files?, or how do I do X? For some of these specific, fairly frequent questions, I've been considering providing a FAQ in the book to answer/address them.

If you have questions like this, that you'd like see addressed, drop me a line and let me know. Please keep the questions specific to the forensic analysis of Windows systems...live or post-mortem.

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