Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Forensics Magazine

A bit ago, I blogged about cool technical e-zines that are available. Since then, CheckMate really seems to have come along, and I've also found some well-written content in the CodeBreakers Journal (be sure to check out the Magazine, as well).

While most of these e-zines are technical in nature, there don't seem to be many specific to forensic analysis. My first question there any interest in such a thing? My thoughts are that such an e-zine would cover more than just forensic analysis of Windows systems, and would include topics in live response, legal issues, as well as (potentially) case studies, how-tos, etc.

Now, I know that there are several journals out there now, such as the DIJ and the IJDE, but I'm thinking of something a little more practical, down-and-dirty (though the article on iPod forensics from the IJDE is a lot like what I'm thinking of). If you're not familiar with it, check out SysAdmin Magazine. I like the format of this magazine because a lot of times, the articles don't simply refer to something being done...they actually provide the tools (be it a link to an executable, a shell script, etc.) to accomplish the task, and enough explanation for the reader to customize the script/process. there interest? If so, what would you like to see in such an e-zine? Or do you think that there's already enough magazines, journals and e-zines out there, and the last thing you want to see is another one?


mac said...

I would love to see a digital forensic e-zine put out there. Especially on forensic analysis. Maybe a Q&A section. You would have my full support!

Keydet89 said...


Thanks for the comment.

I'm not looking at something of an academic nature, but something more hands-on and practical. I can see various sections, such as Links, How-Tos, etc. Also, tool/product reviews and announcements, etc.

As far as Q&As...I'd be interested to see how successful something like that would be. My skepticism comes from what I see in the lists and comments to blogs now.

What kind of "support" can you offer?

Dave Nardoni said...

Have you seen Hakin9
Some good content on infosec and pentesting and sometimes reverse enginnering.

Keydet89 said...


Yes, I've seen it, and like it...but again, personally I'm interested in something more oriented toward forensics.

nabiy said...

i think the most difficult part of maintaining a successful newsletter is building a team of contributors who are willing and able to make a long term contribution to the ezine. i also think that blogging has taken alot of the fire out of ezines. so if you can find a good team and build it on an established community (forensicfocus mabye?) then it would be very successful.

if you'd like to stretch your legs and write a column in a current ezine, check out - i've been the editor for the last three issues and we are currently putting together the fourteenth. i hope you don't mind the plug ; )

Keydet89 said...


Agreed. You're right about the contributors...I've said those same things over on ForensicFocus.

Great site over at NewOrder.

Anonymous said...

I think a hands-on forensics e-zine would be a great resouce especially if laid out simiar to SysAdmin magazine.

I give you my vote and if there is anything that I can contribute to it I would be glad to. I might even be able to be a regular if I can find a topic I can write about regularly.


Keydet89 said...


Can you provide a list of topics to which you can contribute now? Or how about a list of topics that you'd like to see?



Spence said...

I would absolutely love to see a magazine of this sort. Count on at least two subscriptions from my department.

Keydet89 said...

A few (ten, dozen, hundred) comments like that and we may be able to get this off the ground!