Saturday, January 28, 2012

WFA 3/e

While I was in Atlanta recently for the DoD CyberCrime Conference, I received an email telling me that my advance copy of WFA 3/e was available...even though this is my sixth book, I still get excited/nervous/anxious.  After all, you never know how the book is going to be received.  Anyway, I arrived home last night to find a FedEx box sitting on my desk. 

However, I received an email from someone I know who was at ShmooCon...come find out, the books had been printed and several sent to ShmooCon.  So, apparently, I didn't really get an "advance copy".  

I had been informed that the book would not be available until 7 Feb, so I'll be posting the code associated with the book this week, and will provide a link off of the Books page on this blog.  I haven't been holding off on it...I have been adding some things to the distribution.  I'll let everyone know when it's up.


e said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing it.

Ken Pryor said...

Congratulations on book number six! Your work has been a big benefit to me and so many others. I look forward to receiving my copy of WFA 3/e.


H. Carvey said...


One of the things I'm always interested in is how to improve the books. For example, it's a little soon to be sending WRF back to the printer, but if you have some thoughts on that one...updated info, new stuff you'd like to see, etc...I'd appreciate you sending it along.


Ken Pryor said...


I'll work on an email with a few ideas I had, regarding WRF. WRF and WFA have been my go-to books so many times in my work.
Also, of note to your readers, Syngress has designated WFA 3/e as featured Tuesday tweet on Twitter and they'll be tweeting a 50% off discount code for it on Tuesday, Jan. 31.