Tuesday, August 01, 2006

GMU2006 Presentations Posted

I've posted my presentations for GMU2006, which starts next week. I'm posting them so that anyone attending can get a look at the presentations ahead of time, and so that those folks who aren't attending can see the same thing. One word of warning, though...I'm not a huge proponent of "death by PowerPoint"...meaning that my entire script isn't on the slides. However, there should be more than enough there to give you a really good idea of what's going to be said. Also, I tend to be very interactive, discussing topics with the attendees rather than at them.

So, the archive contains my presentations on Windows memory analysis and tracking USB devices across Windows systems. There is a third presentation, as well, that is for the opening session...the folks running the conference asked me late last week to speak, and I thought I'd fill the time talking about issues we're facing as a community.

If you download the presentations and have questions or comments, please feel to share them here, or with me directly.

Addendum 1 Aug: Okay, here's my speaking schedule for the conference:

Mon, 7 Aug: Opening session, 9:30 - 10:30AM
Tues, 8 Aug: "Tracking USB Devices", 10AM
Wed, 9 Aug: "Windows Memory Analysis", 10AM
Thu, 10 Aug: "Tracking USB Devices", 8AM
Thu, 10 Aug: "Windows Memory Analysis", 10AM

In addition, there are a lot of great presentations going on...Cynthia Hetherington is a fantastic speaker, and Terri Gudaitis is giving her "Cybercrime Profiling" presentation again - it's always a winner. Also, I just spoke with Jesse Kornblum and he's only going to be on-site for his presentation on "Fuzzy Hashing" at 8am on Tues - boys and girls, Jesse's presentation on "Fuzzy Hashing" is a MUST SEE, even if you've listened to his Cyberspeak podcast interview!

I'd suggest buying Jesse a beer, but I don't know how he feels about imbiding that early in the day. I, however, am of the firm belief that it's 5 o'clock somewhere. ;-)

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