Thursday, August 07, 2008

Upcoming Events

It seems that one of my partners-in-crime and I will be attending a couple of events together this year...stay tuned for some good times!

OMFW - Open Memory Forensics Workshop, 10 Aug 2008, Baltimore - AAron's putting on a great workshop on the subject, which is pretty cool, considering he's one of the guys who's creating the absolute bleeding edge in this area. There are some big names, not only in this field, but in the field of forensic analysis, who will be attending. So, bring your cameras and dollar bills, and see if you can get guys like Mike...excuse me, Dr. Michael...Cohen to sign various body parts! ;-) Be sure to say hi to Jesse, too!

DFRWS - Digital Forensics Research Workshopt, 11/13 Aug 2008, Baltimore - DFRWS is always a great conference, or so I've been told. This will be my first (hopefully not my last) time attending this conference, and the lineup of speakers and presentations is very impressive. I'm particularly looking forward to presentations regarding Registry analysis, such as Tim Morgan's Recovering Deleted Data from the Windows Registry.

Don't forget to drop by the Wharf Rat for the reception on Monday, and enjoy a little hot monkey love!

SANS Forensic Summit - 13/14 Oct 2008, Las Vegas - Rob Lee is really making 2008 the year for forensic conferences with this one! There is already an awesome list of speakers, which makes me wonder why I'm speaking! ;-) Hey, if you can't find something interesting to listen to, come watch me mutter my way through something about the Windows Registry! This summit is turning out to be less of a speaker's conference, and more of a practitioner's workshop...some of the topics that are going to be addressed are along the lines of what works and what doesn't, from the folks who are doing the do!

These are THE MUST ATTEND events for 2008...for no other reason than the fact that The Cory Altheide will be there! Hey, that's why I'm going!

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