Friday, April 29, 2005

New Windows Forensic Group

Based on input from everyone, I've created a new group, specific to the discussion of forensic analysis of Windows systems:

Right now, members must be approved, and the group is moderated. As I said, this is based on input I've received with regards to forums for discussing this topic. I'm a member of other groups and lists, and am constantly amazed how someone can post something, and the subsequent responses get so far off track...usually pretty quickly.

I'm not entirely sure at this point what the criteria will be for approval of members. I'm thinking that a review of things the applicant has already written, be they posts in other groups or papers or articles of some kind, endorsements from others, etc.

I will also be moderating the list, but I don't expect that to really be a fact, I'm really sort of doing this just so I can say that I did. I know that the very fact that membership is limited is going to prevent people from even applying, and will by its very nature limit the number of messages posted.

Anyway, if you're interested and perform some aspect of forensic analysis of Windows systems, please feel free to apply.


Anonymous said...

I can't access this group anymore? What happened to it?

Keydet89 said...

Several people have told me that it's gone...I dropped out of it a long time ago...maybe I'll recreate it