Sunday, June 12, 2005

Shooting oneself in the foot...

I haven't found any really good malware analysis postings lately, but higB (*secureme blog) came to my rescue and posted about a recent, and personal, incident.

In a nutshell, he infected himself with a Trojan, and then went about figuring out what it did. Reading through it, I see that he did a lot of things right.

One of his comments in particular seemed interesting to me: "system.exe looked normal to me." I'm sure this is the case a lot of times, to a lot of admins. I'm on XP Home right now, and don't see "system.exe", though I do see "System" and "System Idle Process" (via Task Manager). Even using tlist.exe, I don't see anything called "system.exe".

Take a look at his post...what would you have done differently? What things would you have done that higB didn't do? What do you think of his tools and techniques for analyzing the file?

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