Thursday, July 21, 2005


I recently had someone contact me, someone who had read my book and wanted to see about attending my course. Well, one way to do that would be to sign up at (note: the course actually covers much more than just Window2000). Another way to do it is to have me come on-site and teach it at your facility.

This person suggested that I contact Amazon for a list of names of people who are interested in the training, but to my knowledge, Amazon doesn't maintain anything like that.

So I thought I would pose the question via the blog and see what kind of response I, here it is...

If you're interested in incident response training specific to Windows systems, what sort of program do you prefer? Would you prefer traveling to another location to take the course, or having me come to your facility and teach it? How about the material? The course is specific to incident detection, verification, and resolution on live systems...but I have tailored it to the specific needs of the certain organizations (i.e., I've extended the 2-day course to 5 days, added or removed material as needed, etc.).

How about forensic analysis of Windows systems? As I've already started working on another book along those lines, I can easily see the necessary material for a detailed, hands-on course coming together.

So...what are your thoughts, preferences, comments?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered an online course in distance education format? IE:

-instructor visible via webcam
-audio via teleconference
-onscreen demos & etc via screen sharing
-on screen whiteboard
-and the inevitable powerpoint ...

I'd actually prefer a format like that. No travel required for the student, yet doesn't need enough local students to justify instructor travel either.

H. Carvey said...

Actually, I have considered that, and would love to do something like that.

Could you suggest a forum or mechanism? Is it a service?

Also, how would I go about finding interest? How would I get the information out to folks who would be interested in signing up?

As you can see, I'm not a marketeer... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't have any specific service in mind, no. I've attended sessions like that on various jobs, and I am sad to say I forget the technology provider's name(s). But I guess Google and a few search terms like 'web conference' or 'distance ed' would net you a whole bunch of candidates.

As to getting the word out. Well you've got one forum here. And I'd mention such a thing on my own site if it looked valuable. Google sells adwords cheaper than you might think ... I'm not a marketeer either, so that's really all that comes to mind.