Saturday, April 01, 2006

...a couple of things, gents...

I just wanted to post a couple of thoughts and comments really quick...

First off, on Thu, I was interviewed by Ovie and Bret, the authors of the CyberSpeak podcasts. I'd heard about these podcasts before, but hadn't listened to them. Then a friend of mine heard that Ovie and Bret had mentioned my blog in their March 11 podcast, when they'd mentioned physical memory analysis. I've since listened to several of the podcasts (ok, all but one...) and they are pretty interesting. I don't own an iPod, because when I run, I don't feel comfortable cutting myself off from my surroundings like that. What I like to do is download the podcasts to my desktop and listen to them...that way I can have them on while I'm working, and easily pause them when I get up to do something else.

On a completely separate note, I received the numbers for my book from June through Dec 2005. The book seems to be doing okay, though not I've said before, it's not setting the world on fire. I initially thought that was holding me back from getting the proposal for my next book approved, but it has turned out that the real issue has been reorgs at the publisher and reviewers simply being too busy.

So...kind of anti-climatic for a 200th post, eh?

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