Monday, June 12, 2006

I need your help...

...with two things, both with respect to the FRUC/FSPC.

The first thing I need your help with is based on a comment/request I received recently regarding launching the FSPC. Sometimes you may need to walk away from your forensics server system and you will want to launch the FSPC when you're ready, so having something accessible via a web browser might be useful. So what I'm looking for is someone who can put together some PHP or something that will allow you to not only launch the FSPC via a browser, but to shut it down when you're done. This should require authentication, and allow for all of the available switches to be set when launching the server component, and run on popular web servers (IIS 5/6, Apache, etc.). If you want to discuss requirements, or need some information, or need me to make changes/modifications to the FSPC, email me.

What I'd like to do is include several of the working submissions in my next book (I'm currently talking to a publisher), and for each submission that I include, provide the author with a free copy of my next book once it's published. The only things I would ask are that the submissions are fully documented, and there are no weird licensing issues.

The second thing I'd like your help with is circulating INI files. If you've put together an INI file that you use with the FRUC, and are willing to share it, please do it to me, post a link, or whatever works for you.

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