Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogs and Podcasts

I'm familiar with the Cyberspeak podcasts, and various security-related blogs such as TaoSecurity, etc.

What are some other podcasts out there that are related to forensics? I'm familiar with some of the more general-IT-oriented podcasts, but was wondering if there are others out there that cover topics in forensics.

The same is true with blogs...I'll do searches for blogs related to security and find quite a lot, but I'm interested in those focused on forensics.

Finally, don't forget webinars and even groups, such as the Windows Forensic Analysis group.



Anonymous said...

While I've not found any forensic podcasts other than Cyberspeak I am subscribed to a few forensic / tech security blogs:

Checkmate -
Forensic Focus -
int for(ensic) -
Schnier on Sec -

Hope this helps.

H. Carvey said...


Thanks. If you look at the list of links to the left of the blog entries on the main page, you'll already see most of these listed there.