Monday, September 25, 2006

Perl Programming on Win32

Back in the day ('round about '99 or so), I was struggling to learn Perl programming on the Windows platform...I could do the simple stuff that comes as part of the core Perl distribution (ActiveState's distro), but I was having some trouble leveraging the power of Win32-specific modules. Fortunately, Dave Roth was very helpful, and even got me to put together a paper for presentation at the Usenix LISA-NT '00 conference. In fact, it was with Dave's help that I was able to see and use the power of Perl on Windows systems, and write a tool to replace the use of commercial vulnerability scanners, a tool that was extremely successful.

I've purchased Dave's books in the past, and learned a lot from his advice and programming style. It turns out that this year, Dave's turned to blogging, as well. He's updated his forums, as well. His site provides a veritable cornicopia of information for leveraging the power of Perl on Windows, whether you're using the core functionality of Perl, or you're exploiting any number of Windows-specific modules.

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