Thursday, November 02, 2006

Updates - Code and such

I updated some code recently and thought I'd post a quick note about it...

First off, if you're using from the OS Detection package on my site, I've updated the code to actually tell you which OS is running. The output is a little cleaner, and provides arguments so you can get a verbose output if you need it. Also, the script has been renamed to "", replacing

In the simplest form, you simply pass the name of the RAM dump file to the script, and get the output:

C:\memory> d:\hacking\boomer-win2003.img

Or, you could use the arguments (use '-h' to see the syntax info) to get more info:

C:\memory> -f d:\hacking\boomer-win2003.img -v
OS : 2003
Product : Microsoft« Windows« Operating System ver 5.2.3790.0

I posted yesterday about the updates to the disk documenting script, which I thought was pretty neat. Thanks again to Jon Evans for pointing out the Win23_PhysicalMedia class for getting the serial number. My thought is that something like this is extremely useful, and easy to use (i.e., just cut-and-paste the output into your acquisition worksheet after you've imaged a drive). The "Signature" helps you tie the drive to the image because that's the same value listed in the first DWORD of some of the MountedDevices entries.

Shifting gears, the e-Evidence site was updated yesterday. Every month, Christine puts up new stuff and it's great to see what's out there. For example, I wonder how many folks have taken the time to reflect on their first incident the way Brian did. Also, check out the presentation about the anatomy of a hard drive. There's always some interesting stuff on this site.

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