Sunday, April 08, 2007

Interesting Tool - SecInspect

Now that my book has been released, I'll be posting updates, errata, and comments here in this blog. Some of the updates will include things such as tool updates, as well as "From the Lab" entries (sort of mini-HowTos), comments, reader questions, etc.

One interesting tool I ran across recently on HogFly's ForensicIR blog is something new from Microsoft called "Sector Inspector". Secinspect.exe is a command line tool (ie, great for IR and live response!!) that lets the sysadmin view things such as a list of physical devices, drive geometries, disk signature and volume serial number, etc. Now much of this is available through WMI classes such as Win32_PhysicalMedia, but secinspect.exe may be much easier for many folks to use, particularly if you want to include it as part of your drive documentation process (ie, hook up a drive to your write-blocker and then collect data on it using secinspect.exe prior to or immediately after acquiring an image).

An excerpt of what secinspect.exe collected when run on my own system:

14593 Cylinders
255 Heads
63 Sectors Per Track
512 BytesPerSector
12 MediaType
Disk Signature 0x96244465

Also, for each partition, you see information such as:

SerialNumber : 10675897970943624920

Note: You can also use this with USB thumb drives.

Cool stuff!