Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Book Updates

I got word yesterday that Syngress is going to discontinue selling hard copy books from their web site. They will continue to sell ebooks, and provide links to other online retailers.

The new link for my book is here.


Unknown said...

That's a shame, I do love my hard copies.

Getting hold of your book is a pain for those of us in the Southern Hemispere. 3 week back order plus travel time from Europe or the US to the supplier.
But it's worth the wait.

The march of technology and cost reduction I suppose :-)

Tony Rodrigues said...

Hi, Harlan.

How to get the DVD contents when buying the eBook ? It takes so much time to get the hard copy book here in Brazil. I think the ebook is the best option for me ...

BTW, congratulations for the book. I read the free chapter and is very good.


Tony Rodrigues, CISSP

Anonymous said...

Hi Harlan, I have the same question than tony: is it possible to obtain the DVD content when buying the ebook version? Also you mentionned several updates you made to the scripts published on the DVD, do you have any plans on making these updated scripts available?


Anonymous said...

For the benefit of readers in the UK, this is finally available at Waterstones book store. Their supplier has the book in stock and it is available for order. I placed my order today and have been assured that I should have in within a week or so.

I've been waiting patiently for it to become available locally as I've read some great reviews.