Friday, December 28, 2007

Deleted Apps

Another question I've received, as well as seen in online forums, has to do with locating deleted applications.

As Windows performs some modicum of tracking of user activities, you may find references to applications that were launched in the UserAssist keys in the user's NTUSER.DAT file. Not only would you find references to launching the application or program itself, but I've seen where the user has clicked on the "Uninstall" shortcut that gets added to the Program menu of the Start Menu. I've also seen in the UserAssist keys where a user has launched an installation program, run the installed application, and then clicked on the Uninstall shortcut for the application.

You may also find references to the user launching the "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel applet.

If you're dealing with an XP system you may find that if the application was originally installed via an MSI package, a Restore Point was created when the application was installed...and one may have been created when the application was removed, as well. So, be sure to parse those rp.log files in the Restore Points.

An MFT entry that has been marked as deleted is great for showing that a file, or even several files, had been deleted. Analysis of the Recycle Bin/INFO2 file may show you something useful. But there are other ways to find more data, to include showing that at one time, the application had been used...such as by parsing the .pf files in the XP Prefetch directory, and performing Registry analysis.

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