Sunday, January 11, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Registry

I've seen recently how folks have gotten access to the Windows 7 Beta for download from Microsoft, and being interested, I jumped right up on that bandwagon. I mean, from a forensic perspective, this "Jump List" thing is just going to be a gold mine for an analyst, much like RecentDocs and UserAssist keys have been since Windows 2000. Wikipedia has a nice write-up, and I look at all the great usability stuff that's talked about and all I can think of is "artifacts". ;-)

So, I took a look around to see if anyone was trying to install Windows 7 Beta into VMWare, and I ran across a Windows 7 Beta VM at TuxDistro. I fired up BitTorrent and downloaded the zipped archive, and then unzipped the VMDK file, and opened it in FTK Imager. Now, I saw a "Documents and Settings" directory, and a "Users" was this REALLY Windows 7?

Well, one question I heard a LOT when Vista came out was "what changed?" Was the Registry different enough that all of our current tools no longer worked? So, there's one way to find out! I dumped the hive files out of the VMDK file from their usual locations, including one called "Components". So I wanted to see if my tools worked, so I fired up to see what I was working with:

C:\Perl\forensics\rr> -r d:\cases\win7\software -p winnt_cv
Plugins Dir = C:\Perl\forensics\rr\plugins/
Launching winnt_cv v.20080609
Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
LastWrite Time Fri Dec 12 18:26:31 2008 (UTC)

RegisteredOrganization :
CurrentVersion : 6.1
CurrentBuild : 6956
CurrentBuildNumber : 6956
SoftwareType : System
InstallationType : Client
EditionID : Ultimate
SystemRoot : C:\Windows
PathName : C:\Windows
ProductName : Windows 7 Ultimate
CurrentType : Multiprocessor Free
ProductId : 00428-015-8630506-70665
BuildLab : 6956.winmain.081122-1150
InstallDate : Fri Dec 12 20:52:50 2008 (UTC)
BuildLabEx : 6956.0.x86fre.winmain.081122-1150

Very cool! Not only do the tools seem to work just fine, but it looks as if the VMDK is a Windows 7 Beta VM. Very nice. Other plugins, such as samparse, seemed to work just fine, but parsing the UserAssist key in the NTUSER.DAT file was problematic...the "normal" GUID key didn't seem to be in the hive.

So, it would seem that the binary format of the Windows 7 (the Beta, anyway) Registry hive files has not changed. I'm sure that the content has, as keys have changed names and functionality, and values and ways of recording data have changed. However, as with the move from Windows 2000 to XP, there may simply be more opportunities for forensic analysts. I'll be interested to see who writes some of the first RegRipper plugins specific to Windows 7.

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