Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forensic Links

This post is just a series of links I've come across lately that I've found interesting, and I wanted to provide these along with some context...

Barry Grundy of NASA runs the LinuxLeo.org site; while his site is not specific to Windows, his beginners guide provides an excellent resource to new users, and he does have a couple of NTFS images for download and use in his practical exercises.

This "Investigating Windows Systems" article from Linux magazine is an excellent resource, as many of the commands used in the article are also available as Windows-based tools, and can be used with VDKWin or ImDisk. The article provides links to tools like pasco and mork.pl (or you can get the Perl module here, or get the module using ppm on ActiveState Perl), and you can get a Windows version of ntfsundelete here.

Jolanta Thomassen did some excellent work with respect to analyzing Registry hive files for deleted keys, and providing code to demonstrate this functionality. Her code can be found in the Downloads section of RegRipper.net, and her disseration is available here.

Don Weber of Security Ripcord posted on Windows incident response, using only system resources. To top it off, he posted his script, as well.

Naja Davis has written an excellent paper on Live Memory Acquisition for Windows, referencing among other things, the first edition of Windows Forensic Analysis.

Richard McQuown posted on actually using some of Moyix's new Volatility plugins to actually do stuff. Some very cool stuff. It's always great when someone produces something (like Matt Shannon and F-Response) and them someone else actually uses it.

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