Monday, March 09, 2009

RegRipper in Action!

I received an email from an enthusiastic user of RegRipper today, pointing me to a blog he'd posted on his experiences with the tool. I don't read Spanish, but I am really glad to see others using the tool. This post led me to another post explaining the use of RegRipper at NeoSysForensics.

Also, from his blog, I found a link to Moyix's example output of RegRipper, apparently run against hive files in memory using the RegRipper/Volatility prototype.


Unknown said...

What tkanomi is saying basically is:

* A few years ago he attended a SANS class where you were teaching. He says that you were the most influential person in his professional career. He then praises your teaching eagerness and ability.

* He gives a small description of hives supporting files.

* He describes the use of RegRipper through a practical example.

That's pretty much it I believe ;)

H. Carvey said...

Thanks for the translation!

unknown_God said...

translate it with google... works for the most part.