Sunday, June 14, 2009

WFA 2/e eBooks

I've received a number of emails regarding ebook versions of WFA 2/e, and at this point, all I've been able to determine is that Elsevier will NOT be producing a PDF version of the book for sale. No, I don't know why, and to be honest, I'm as mystified as you are.

The information I have from the publisher at this time is that it takes about 1-2 months to produce the ebook version of a book, and multiple ebook versions are produced (Kindle, Safari, etc.). I've been told that while a PDF version will not be produced for sale, that there will be a version produced by Ingram (??) that will be available to be read on a computer, and I'm also told that this reader, like Adobe Reader, allows the ebook to be searched. Other than that, I have nothing...I don't even know where to download the reader just to take a look at it. Nor do I know when the ebook will be available in any version, nor how much it will cost.

That's all I have. Pretty amazing, eh? A large publishing firm like Elsevier, and an author such as myself is having trouble getting basic information.

So, all I can say is sorry (although I'm not sure why I'm the one saying that...), and if you really want to let someone know how you feel about this, email my editor...she's graciously consented to accepting your emails. Or stop by the Syngress table at the SANS Forensic Summit and let her know.


Lee said...

That poor woman is going to have a lot of angry geeks chasing after her ;)

H. Carvey said...

Hey, she offered.

Besides, there has to be some way to get the word to the publisher that maybe things could be done better. After all, this doesn't just apply to WFA 2/ applies to Eoghan's "Malware Analysis", and other titles as well...

Unknown said...

don't know why they won't tell you, unless they are changing vendors. The book reader that Elsevier has been using for Syngress books since they acquired them (with the exception of the ones they made in PDF) is VitalSource at .

it's not bad, but the problem is have with all of the DRM-ed book readers like VitalSource (elsevier), Zinio (magazines), Kindle, etc is -- what happens when the reader company goes out of business because their business model assumes that they will expand to x additional publishers and it doesn't happen ? i'm thinking about purchasing enough equipment to move all of my own stuff into e-book format, but the fact that i have to cut the binding out to get a decent scan makes it iffy.

i've bought a lot of ebooks as password protected PDF files (password is my email address, although syngress used a weak static password that was the same for all books, all buyers) and it is the format i prefer. even if a pirate removes the password, it is relatively easy to embed an additional digital watermark inside that identifies who the pirate is.

(edit as you see fit)

Angelina Ward said...

Hi all, Harlan's editor here. I want to clarify the eBook situation. WFA 2/e WILL be available in eBook form in these formats and more: Kindle, Safari, VitalSource, ePub, eReader, and all other formats necessary for electronic devices. Harlan is right in the fact that we do not produce eBooks in PDF format anymore, they are in a proprietary format: VitalSource by Ingram. This means you need to download their reader when purchasing the ebook. This is a new process for Elsevier, but the process we currently have for selling our own eBooks. Remember, it will be available in all other 3rd party formats as well. Please do not hesitate to contact me with more questions. I'd be happy to answer: a.ward at elsevier dot com

Phil Rodokanakis said...


This is better than nothing, but the idea that we have to download and install another reader is frustrating. The last thing I want to do is install a reader that will only be used by one application.

Can you all imagine of a world where we need to have half-a-dozen or more word processors installed on our systems just to read a document? PDF is a standard that can be opened on every PC. We need this in PDF format, not some exotic niche platform that very few use.

Best regards, Phil

Anonymous said...

Kindle edition? Perfection! Nice work Angelina.

Kush Wadhwa said...

There are lot of geeks who love to read the e-books and as said earlier by Phil, PDF is a standard format which can be viewed by any one. Purchasing an e-book reader for one book does not make sense. From the digital forensic community, I request you to please release the book in PDF format, so that every one can read the book.

Also if not, then please let me know how to get this book(hard copy)in India.


H. Carvey said...

@Kush - posting here isn't going to make a huge difference...that's why I said you should email the editor.