Tuesday, September 08, 2009

RegRipper Wishlist

I posted something similar to the RegRipper forums, but I'll do the same here...I'm looking to consolidate a RegRipper wishlist, so I can see what folks are looking for in RegRipper, see what is most/least looked for, and then prioritize the creation/update of features.

So...please, comment here, or email me. Thanks!


cepogue said...

I would like to see it have a viewing option to list output by LastWrite times rather than by which plugins were run. The most recent at the top in descending order. I think that would make reviewing the output a bit faster.

H. Carvey said...


Interesting, and thanks for the comment.

Not all of the plugins report information based on LastWrite time, as in some/many cases, it's not the LastWrite time that's important, but the contents of the value data.

Also, the regtime.pl plugin will allow you to list all the keys in the hive file sorted by LastWrite time...