Thursday, October 06, 2011

NoVA Forensic Meetup

Last night's meetup went very well!  I'd like to thank Brian Rydstrom for providing a very good presentation on Mobile Forensics...I don't do any forensics of mobile devices, so I found the information very valuable.

I'd also like to thank everyone who showed up last night.  Attendance was very good...we had about 28 people show up, and a lot of interaction and questions.  Per usual, we had a couple of core regulars, as well some new folks who took time out to stop by.

So, Mitch Harris has graciously offered to provide part 2 of his botnets presentation ("Botnets 201") next month (Nov), and Sam Brothers is still on-board to provide December's presentation on "Mobile Forensics".  We also had a request for a presentation on SSD forensics, as well as someone who offered to give such a presentation early next year (TBD).  I did find this blog post that discusses SSDs.

We had a couple of additional requests last night, as well.  One was for something a bit more hands-on...I'm sure that we could do something like that.  Brian offered to set up a LinkedIn group for the meetup, so that folks could see a bit more about the professional backgrounds of the other attendees.  We're also looking for something more stable for providing announcements and copies of presentations...seems that Yahoo groups aren't for everyone.

The other request was for something along the lines of "gorilla forensics", or perhaps more appropriately "Sniper Forensics".  I don't think I want to steal Chris's thunder (not that I could if I tried...), but maybe we can come up with something along the lines of "the essentials of DF investigations".  I think that this would end up being an interesting discussion, particularly when it comes to the topic of maintaining case notes.

Again, thanks to everyone who was able to make it last night, and thanks to the ReverseSpace guys for hosting us.

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