Thursday, June 11, 2015

RegRipper plugin update

I just pushed out an update to the plugin, and committed it to the Github archive.  The update was based on a request I'd received to make the output of the tool a bit more manageable, and that was right along the lines of something I'd been thinking about doing for some time, anyway.

In short, the update simply puts the output for each entry on a single line, with the app path and name first, then the date, then other data (that's specific to 32-bit XP, actually), and finally, the executed flag.  Each segment is separated by two spaces.

So, what does this mean?  Well, the format puts everything on one line, so if you redirect the output to a file and any searches you run will give you the entire line, not just the first line (as with the old format).

Another way to use this new format is the way I like to use it, to determine if there's anything in the ShimCache data that requires my attention: -r d:\cases\local\system -p appcompatcache | find "programdata" /i

Done.  That's it.  Using DOS commands, it's quick and easy to run through a data sample quickly to see if there's anything of interest.

What techniques do you use during Registry analysis?

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