Thursday, October 08, 2015

Threat Intel and Threat Hunting Conferences in 2016

I'm looking for input from the community, with respect to conferences in 2016 that cover DFIR, threat intelligence, and threat hunting.

Members of the team I work with have some pretty significant content that we're looking to share, so I thought I'd reach to the community and see what conferences are out there that folks are looking to (for content) in 2016.

So, if you're looking at conferences in 2016 that cover digital forensics, incident response, as well as targeted threat hunting and response, I'd appreciate hearing about them.



Anonymous said...

Tons of b-sides talks this year had IR/Hunting topics.

Anonymous said...


Doug Burks said...

+1 for BSides. Our recent BSides Augusta had 2 Blue Team tracks with many talks related to IR and hunting.

Unknown said...

Early cime detections and pre IR based approaches can be put togather. Also includes malware detect heuristic systems and continous hidden threat monitoring mechanism. Thanks.

Ancient said...

BSides Tampa
Great conference, on a cruise ship this year!

You know of OSDF :)

H. Carvey said...

OSDFCon ( has one presentation that has the word "hunt" in it. Yes, I know of it...I've been there a number of times and will be attending this year. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

SANS Incident Response & Threat Hunting Summit.