Sunday, October 11, 2020


 The agenda for the 11th annual Open Source Digital Forensics Conference has been posted.  I've attended OSDFCON before (several times), it's one of the conferences where I've enjoyed presenting over the years. Maybe someone reading this remembers the "mall-wear" incident from a number of years ago.

So, on 18 Nov, I'll be speaking on Effectively Using RRv3This past spring, I shared some information about about this new version of RegRipper (here, and here), as well as highlighting specific plugins. What I'd like to do is, in the same vein as the conference agenda, crowd-source some of the content for my 30 min presentation.

What would you like to see, hear, or learn about during my 30-ish minute presentation regarding RegRipper 3.0?


Bruno said...

I think Data Exfiltration is a very good and challenging topic. Techniques that can assist in detecting this kind of malicious activity would be awesome to see/hear.


H. Carvey said...


Thanks for the comment, but I'm not sure how that applies here.

Can you elaborate?