Thursday, October 06, 2022

Speaking Engagements

Every now and again, I have a need (re: "opportunity") to compile a list of recorded speaking events. The reasons vary...there's a particular message in one or more of the recordings, or someone wants to see/hear what was said, or it's more about showing examples of my presentation style. For the sake of simplicity, I thought I'd just take the list I'd compiled in Notepad++ and create a blog post.

Huntress TradeCraft Tuesdays
Bang For Your Buck: How Hackers Make Money - Ethan and I discuss various means by which threat actors monetize their activities, which is (in many cases) their ultimate goal. We also present some steps you can take to inhibit or obviate this.

Digital Forensics (or Necromancy) - Jamie and I talk about digital forensics with our special guest, Dr. Brian Carrier

Here's a link to my slides; I'll post a link to the recorded talk once it's available.

Update, 7 Nov: They're here! The video for my presentation can be found here.

I recently participated in the Horangi "Ask A CISO" podcast (link here, and on Spotify).

Older Events/Recordings
RVASec 2019 presentation
Nuix Unscripted
A couple of podcasts via OwlTail
Down the Security Rabbithole podcast from 2017
A podcast from 2009
CyberSpeak podcast from 2006 (24 Sept, 1 Apr)

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