Friday, March 15, 2024

Uptycs Cybersecurity Standup

I was listening to a couple of fascinating interviews on the Uptycs Cybersecurity Standup podcast recently, and I have to tell you, there were some pretty insightful comments from the speakers.

The first one I listened to was Becky Gaylord talking about her career transition from an investigative journalist into cybersecurity.

Check out Becky's interview, and be sure to check out the show notes, as well.

I also listened to Quinn Varcoe's interview, talking about Quinn journey from zero experience in cybersecurity to owning and running her own consulting firm, Blueberry Security.

Check out Quinn's interview, and the show notes.

More recently, I listened to Olivia Rose's interview. Olivia and I crossed paths years ago at ISS, and has now hung out her own shingle as a virtual CISO (vCISO). I joined ISS in Feb 2006, about 6 months before their purchase by IBM, which was announced in August 2006. Olivia and I met at the IBM ISS sales kick-off in Atlanta early in 2007.

All of these interviews are extremely insightful; each speaker brings something unique with them from their background and experiences, and every single one of them has a very different "up-bringing" in the industry.

There's no one interview that stands out as more valuable than the others. Instead, my recommendation is to listen to them all, in fact, do so several times. Take notes. Take note of what they say.

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