Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Peeking inside Word documents

I was chatting with someone yesterday who asked me where I found the files I used to test the Word Metadata Dumper, and I simply said, "Google."

Yep, that's right...I just Googled for Word documents from the .mil domain, as well as the .gov domain. Wanna know how to search Google for all sorts of other goodies? Check out Johnny Long's web site, or grab a copy of his book on "Google hacking".

Want to get a little up-close-and-personal with someone else, maybe even someone else you don't know? Remember the "Extreme File Sharing" post from Security Fix? I'd tried it and found some of the very same things...files left behind by malware with keylogger capability, etc.

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Anonymous said...

I also tried the P2P keylog search several days ago and found a file containing the personal login information for a college in my town.

Most of the keylog files were also full of IM messages. But the information in those messages would be priceless to a person on the attack.