Saturday, October 22, 2005

VMWare Playa

As a user of VMWare, I received an email the other day that mentioned a new, free product called the VMWare Player. This is a free product that allows you to play a single VMWare virtual machine on Windows or Linux (rpm and tar versions available for Linux). Very cool. Want to share tools, and other stuff that you may not have been able to share before? Want to try out Windows or Linux, but didn't want to shell out the almost $200 for VMWare Workstation?

VMWare also provides some pre-built virtual machines for you to download. What good is a player if you don't have something to play? One is a browser appliance, which you can use for safer web surfing.

This was also picked up by TaoSecurity, along with some comments from readers of that blog, and a link to a chart showing differences in functionality between the Player and other VMWare products.

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