Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rootkits revisted

I was browsing the F-Secure blog this morning and found something interesting...from last Friday, there was this post about reselling stolen information. Now, this is nothing new...this is just part of how organized online crime is becoming. Rather than one person doing everything, someone will purchase malware and use it to infect systems, then collect the data from Protected Storage, keystroke loggers, etc. This information is then sold to others for use...in fraud, identity theft, etc.

For a good example of this, take a look at Brian Krebs' story from 19 Feb 06.

What I thought was most interesting about the F-Secure blog entry was this:

These changing Haxdoor variants are generated with a toolkit known as "A-311 Death".

The toolkit itself is sold on the Internet by its author, known as "Corpse" or "Korpsov".

Okay, this is nothing new, either. Selling malware toolkits or custom rootkits is nothing new, either. This toolkit is based on Haxdoor. I started taking a look around and I found some interesting links. One was from the nmap-dev list...it's a discussion of a service detection signature for rootkits produced from this toolkit.

My post on Gromozon has some links to rootkit detection software.

Additional Resources:
McAfee Rootkits: The Growing Threat paper
Symantec C variant, D variant

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