Thursday, October 26, 2006

Windows Memory Updates

Andreas recently released a new tool called This lets you run searches across memory pools, looking for things such as timestamps, IP addresses, etc. You need to start by using to develop an index, and from there you can search through various pools for specific items.

This is definitely a start in the right direction. As Andreas has pointed out, the pool header contains a size value, so we know how many bytes the pool occupies. He has also shown that some pool contents can reveal network connections. From here, IMHO, we should focus on "interesting" pooltags, and attempt to understand their structure. Once we do, then this can be added to tools such as, and the data parsed and presented accordingly. In addition to network connections, for example, the contents of the clipboard (pool tag = Uscb) may be interesting, as well. MS provides a listing of pooltags in the pooltags.txt file that's part of the Debugger Tools. You can see an online version of the file here.

Also, there's been an update to the SANS ISC Malware Analysis: Tools of the Trade toolkit listing...and it looks like I'd better get cracking on finishing up the tools I've been putting together to address not just Windows 2000 RAM dumps! ;-)

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