Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Tools

Thought I'd take a page from Claus's book and update everyone as to some new tools that are available...

First, over on the Volatility Tumbleblog, there's mention of two new Volatility plugins that Jesse Kornblum developed for use with Volatility. Also on the same blog is a link to a tool to search memory dumps for GMail artifacts. Both look like exceptional utilities.

Speaking of Claus, be sure to check out the updated browser analysis tools over at NirSoft. Claus is also the one who pointed out that AutoRuns has been updated. Thanks! AutoRuns a great tool to use in IR, and to keep up to date on autostart locations.

Brian Carrier updated the TSK tools to v3.0, which includes the Windows versions of the tools. I've updated my own regtime.pl script to produce output similar to that of fls, so that the output of the script can be appended to the output of fls, and parsed with mactime to produce a timeline of file (and now Registry) activity on a system. At this time, only the path and mtime fields are populated for Registry keys, as the LastWrite time is analogous to the last modification times for files. With the currently available tools, deleted keys can be added to the list. I'll need to update the plugins to have RegRipper and rip produce the same output, which would be more targeted (and perhaps more valuable) than dumping all of the keys.


jobel said...

Thanks for the tools/links. This is what we need more of.

H. Carvey said...

jobel...any suggestions would be great.