Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Updates

I've been on the road a bit lately, and as such don't really have much info for a single post, but I have a couple of small tidbits that fit nicely when mashed into a single post...

I caught Hogfly's Beware the Key it, he points to this KB article about correcting the "disable Autorun" capability in the Registry. By default, removable storage devices do not (and should not) have autorun capabilities enabled, but preventative measures pushed out via GPOs if necessary are a good thing. Why? Check out this article from India (here from Wired) about an iPod being used to steal data. The usbstor2 plugin for RegRipper was designed just for this type of incident; to help you consolidate data from multiple systems in one place for correlation and analysis. In an infrastructure with dispersed systems, F-Response Enterprise Edition would be extremely useful...I mean, "da bomb-shizzle".

If you do any incident response work at all, you should probably take a look at Didier Stevens' Python code. He made this code available from his blog post on analyzing a malicious PDF file. This can be used to narrow down the attack vector for an intrusion or malware on the system.

I've posted about free tools before (here, as well), and one that I wanted to add was a free, open-source AV scanner called MoonAV. If you're looking for other free tools, I'd suggest staying up on the NirSoft Blog, just like Claus. There are a number of very, very useful freeware utilities at NirSoft and more coming soon.

With respect to open-source AV, there are some other interesting, older links over at the OpenAntiVirus project page, as well.

Christine updated the e-Evidence site today! This is the closest thing to a monthly digital forensics e-zine available! Be sure to bookmark this site and check it out regularly.


eco said...

Here is anotehr good resource on how to disable autoplay in Vista

Anonymous said...

In the following new post, I give more details on how to use the stats option from my pdf-parser tool to fingerprint PDF files.

H. Carvey said...

Very cool, Didier...thanks!