Sunday, July 31, 2022

Virtual Images for Testing

Many within the DFIR community make use of virtual systems for testing...for detonating malware, trying things within a "safe", isolated environment, etc. However, sometimes it can be tough to get hold of suitable images for creating that testing environment.

I've collected a bunch of links to VirtualBox VMs for Windows, but I cannot attest to all of them actually working. But, if you'd like to try any of them, here they are...

MS Edge developer virtual machines (Win7 - 10, limited time)
Windows 7 Image, reports no activation needed
Win95 virtual machine
Various MS virtual machines (MS-DOS, Windows, etc.)
Windows 11 Dev Environment (eval)
Use Disk2vhd to create a virtual machine from an existing installation
ReactOS - clone of Windows 5.2 (XP/2003)

There's no shortage of Linux and Unix variant OS VMs available. For example, you can find Solaris VMs here. For MacOS Big Sur, you can try this site.

Back in 1994 and '95, while I was in graduate school, I went to Frye's Electronics in Sunnyvale (across the street from a store called "Weird Stuff") and purchased a copy of OS/2 2.1. I did that because the box came with a $15 coupon for the impending OS/2 Warp 3.0. If you'd like to give the OS/2 Warp OS a shot, you can try this v4.52 download, or try this site for other versions of OS/2.

If you're a fan of CommodoreOS, you can give this site a shot. For AmigaOS, try here, or here. How about Plan9?

General Download Sites

Hope that helps!

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