Monday, August 15, 2005

GMU2005 presentations updated!

Well, the first day of GMU2005 went off without a hitch. Sunday evening I updated my presentations...nothing major, just a bullet here, a link there. I've also added some of the Perl scripts mentioned in my presentations...after posting the presentations, some folks reviewing them began asking me for the scripts. I didn't provide them because, well, in the past, no one seemed interested.

To get the new archive, just click here.

There was a glitch with presenters this morning, so I pulled out an already-approved presentation and gave that one to fill the time (and yes, that one's included in the archive as well..."The Windows Registry as a Forensics Resource").

Everything went pretty smoothly, and I got some interesting comments, both during and after the presentations. Some folks would come up and say, "great job!", while others would say something along the lines of, "I'm working on a case where I could really use this information."

To all who attended my presentations today...thanks!

Tomorrow and Thursday, I'll be presenting two presentations each on file metadata, and another on USB-connect storage devices. After each presentation, I'll ask a question, and whomever answers it correctly gets a free copy of my book!


cshanahan said...

How was GMU?

Keydet89 said...

Good. I'm thinking about working up a blog entry, but trying to determine how to phrase it...