Monday, August 01, 2005

Training Poll

A while ago, I posted about a training course based on my book. Since then, I've received emails from folks, asking about when such a course would be available near them, so I thought I'd post here and see what folks are interested in...

When I taught my Windows 2000 Incident Response course, I would generally go on-site and teach approximately 20 folks at a time, for two days. In some cases, attendees would ask me to come on-site to their location, and provide specialized content, based on the needs of their particular group. This sort of set-up (ie, having me come on-site) worked out really well for the folks who took advantage of it, because they saved a ton of money. Having me come on-site for two days to teach a dozen (most cases were closer to 20) folks the material was less expensive than sending 3 people off to other training courses (that shall remain nameless). Also, they didn't have to deal with processing travel claims for all those folks...and the material that I presented could be...and was...used immediately.

However, this kind of set up does not work for everyone. Not everyone can provide 8, 10, or more folks at one time, in one location, for two days. Some folks would be happier going off-site for three or four days. And still others would be happier doing it all online.

So, here're my questions to you, dear reader...

1. Would you be interested in a training course (2-3 days), based on my book? The material would be technical, with a lot of hands-on work, includes labs/exercises.

2. If you would be interested in such a course, what information, specifically, would you be interested in? My data hiding presentation has always been popular, but my "Windows Registry as a forensic resource" can be a bit out of reach for some folks. What type of content would you like to see, specifically? Would you be more incident response oriented?

3. What type of setting/forum would you like to see? Would you prefer to have me come on-site, or would you like to go somewhere off-site? If you're more interested in an web-based approach, can you point me toward some services?

Thanks. Feel free to post a comment (please sign it) or email me...

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