Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I was quoted in Tony Bradley's article in "Processor". The article talks about involving IT in the planning of the infrastructure, to include the physical facilities. One of the things I've seen over time is that some companies hire cut-rate admins and IT staff because in the short term, it's less expensive. After all, it makes good business sense to save money in the short term, right? Why hire someone (or a couple of someone's) for $65K a year, when you can get them for $40K? Well, that may be all well and good if you're trying to beef up an already experienced staff, but not good if you're trying to create a staff.

Something the article really doesn't go into is the development of IT staff...that's something that needs to be addressed in a lot of organizations. Some places will go out of their way to incentivize the marketing and/or sales dept, or HR, or other areas, but sometimes the IT staff is largely overlooked. Apathy in your IT staff can be a pretty big security risk.

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