Friday, September 23, 2005

ISC Rootkit Discovery

This post appeared on the (ISC) blog two days ago, and is a very interesting read. The handler, Tom Liston, who works with Ed Skoudis over at IntelGuardians, writes the post in a humorous, Ian Fleming-esque style.

Take a look at the section marked "A view to a kill". Here, Tom mentions a couple of .sys files that seem to be a rootkit. I've run across this before...specifically a file named "rdriv.sys".

Tom's write-up in the final section of the post that describes what actions the malware takes on a system is very interesting, and an excellent read. The one big thing I took away from all this is that the good guys really need to get off their butts and start sharing information like, techniques, what's been found, etc. This needs to really start happening, because the bad guys are obviously doing it...and doing it much better than the good guys. It's pretty clear that the bad guys are moving away from the old days of "hacking" and writing malware as pranks, and this sort of activity is now driven, at least in part, by economics and financial gain.

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