Monday, September 12, 2005

Memory dumps revisited

A while back, I blogged on Memory Collection and Analysis. Since then, the results of the DRFWS Memory Challenge have been posted, and the results look promising. I haven't had a chance to work with either of the tools, as they don't seem to be available, but they do look interesting.

John H. Sawyer has commented in his blog. One of his more interesting comments, with regards to the MS Debugging Tools, is, "The tools weren't intuitive, I'm not a programmer and you have to have the machine preconfigured to make the dump that the debugging tools can read. LAME!" I think that his sentiment sums up the issue quite nicely...most of the folks using the MS Debugging Tools likely aren't programmers, haven't had the opportunity to work with and learn how to use the tools, and simply haven't configured their systems to use the MS tools...which, like any tool, has it's own inherent strengths and weaknesses.

It does look as if this issue is taking a step in the right direction...we'll see how useful this sort of thing is as long as the tools remain private.

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